User manual for the Python interface

Model creation

Variable(*args) Create a variable base class.
Input(*args) Create an input variable.
Output(*args) Create an output variable.
MeshModel(*args) Create a mesh model base class.
GridMeshModel(*args) Create a model to build regular meshes.
ImportedMeshModel(*args) Create a model with imported meshes
PhysicalModel(*args) Physical model base class.
SymbolicPhysicalModel(*args) Create a physical model defined by analytical formulas.
SymbolicFieldModel(*args) Create a physical model defined by analytical formulas and a mesh.
PythonPhysicalModel(*args) Create a physical model defined by Python code.
PythonFieldModel(*args) Create a physical model defined by Python code and a mesh.
DataModel(*args) Create a data model from an imported dataset.
MetaModel(*args) Metamodel.

Model evaluation

ModelEvaluation(*args) Generate a simple evaluation of a model.
FieldModelEvaluation(*args) Generate the evaluation of a model with mesh.


OptimizationAnalysis(*args) Perform the optimization analysis of a model.


MorrisAnalysis(*args) Perform a Morris analysis.
MorrisResult(*args) Get the result of a Morris analysis.


Observations(*args) Create observations for variables of a model.
CalibrationAnalysis(*args) Run a calibration analysis.
CalibrationAnalysisResult(*args) Get the results of a calibration analysis.

Probabilistic studies

Central tendency

MonteCarloAnalysis(*args) Perform a Monte Carlo central tendency analysis.
FieldMonteCarloAnalysis(*args) Run a Monte Carlo analysis for models with mesh.
FieldMonteCarloResult(*args) Get the results of a Monte Carlo analysis with mesh.
TaylorExpansionMomentsAnalysis(*args) Get the Taylor expansions for moments estimation.
TaylorExpansionMomentsResult(*args) Get the results of Taylor expansions for moments estimation.

Sensitivity analysis

SobolAnalysis(*args) Run a Sobol sensitivity analysis.
SobolResult(*args) Get the results of a Sobol sensitivity analysis.
SRCAnalysis(*args) Run a SRC sensitivity analysis.
SRCResult(*args) Get the results of a SRC sensitivity analysis.

Reliability model

LimitState(*args) Create a limit state.

Reliability analysis

MonteCarloReliabilityAnalysis(*args) Run a reliability analysis using the Monte Carlo method.
FORMImportanceSamplingAnalysis(*args) Run a FORM analysis followed by an importance sampling for reliability analysis.
ImportanceSamplingAnalysis(*args) Run importance sampling for reliability analysis.
FORMAnalysis(*args) Process a reliability analysis using the FORM method.
SORMAnalysis(*args) Run a reliability analysis using the SORM method.
SimulationReliabilityResult(*args) Get simulation results from a reliability analysis using Monte Carlo or Importance Sampling method.

Design of experiments

DesignOfExperiment(*args) Design of experiments base class.
FixedDesignOfExperiment(*args) Create a fixed design of experiments.
GridDesignOfExperiment(*args) Create a grid design of experiments.
ImportedDesignOfExperiment(*args) Create a design of experiments, using an imported design.
ProbabilisticDesignOfExperiment(*args) Create a probabilistic design of experiments.

Data analysis

DataAnalysis(*args) Create a data analysis of a design of experiments.
DataAnalysisResult(*args) Get the results of a data analysis.
InferenceAnalysis(*args) Perform a Kolmogorov goodness-of-fit test for 1-D continuous distributions.
InferenceResult(*args) Get the results of an inference analysis.
FittingTestResult(*args) Get the results of a fitting test.
CopulaInferenceAnalysis(*args) Perform a dependence inference analysis.
CopulaInferenceResult(*args) Get the results of a dependence inference analysis.
CopulaInferenceSetResult(*args) Dependence inference result for a set of variables.


MetaModelAnalysis(*args, **kwargs) Create a base class for the creation of meta models.
FunctionalChaosAnalysis(*args) Create a Functional chaos analysis.
KrigingAnalysis(*args) Create a Kriging analysis.
MetaModelAnalysisResult(*args) Create the base class for a metamodel analysis result.
FunctionalChaosAnalysisResult(*args) Get the results for a Functional chaos analysis.
KrigingAnalysisResult(*args) Get the results of a Kriging analysis.
MetaModelValidationResult(*args) Create the base class for the results of a metamodel validation.

Study storage

Study(*args) Create the class to store a study.